Top 5 Self Storage Chains

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The whole point of self storage is to safely place your belongings in a secure location. It is used by families which have far too many material goods to fit in their home. Self storage is also convenient for families who are moving home and need somewhere to keep their belongings until they are ready to transport them. The traditional small self storage companies are in danger of being pushed out by large chains which have more centers, better facilities and offer better prices. The bottom line is that customers are looking for efficiency and security above friendliness which is why large self storage chains are enjoying record profits. Here are 5 of the best organizations in the business.

5: Sovran Self Storage

Sovran was founded in 1982 and has its headquarters in Buffalo, New York. It is a self-administered and self-managed Real Estate Investment Trust that has more than 1,000 employees. All of its stores carry the name Uncle Bob’s Self Storage. It is one of the largest chains in America with 350 facilities which covers 20 million square feet. It currently serves 160,000 customers in 24 states.

4: U Store It Trust

U Store It Trust was founded in 2004 and is another real estate company which is self managed. It is located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, with thousands of facilities spanning over 25 million square feet. The company recently announced plans to upgrade its facilities but warned that an increase in rent would follow.

3: U-Haul International Inc.

U-Haul International is another major self-storage and moving chain which was founded in 1945. It has a revenue of approximately $4 billion per annum and currently has 18,000 employees. It has the largest coverage of any organization in North America with over 1,000 facilities in all 50 states. Its brand is one of the most recognizable in the United States with the term ‘U-Haul’ used to describe the services of any rental company.

2: Extra Storage Space

Extra Storage Space is a self storage chain with its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was founded in 1977 and has almost 700 facilities with more than 50 million square feet of storage space. Although it does not compare with some of its counterparts in terms of size, it has a reputation for providing the best security of any chain in the nation. The majority of their facilities have a manager on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1: Public Storage Inc.

Public Storage has its headquarters in Glendale, California, and has been in the public storage business since 1972. At present, it has over 2,100 facilities in the United States with more than 135 million square feet to rent. It also has an interest in PS Business Parks which contains another 21 million square feet. It is one of the world’s largest self storage chains.

These five companies are considered to be among the very best in America when it comes to self storage chains. Smaller organizations will have a difficult time competing with the services offered by these companies, all of which are likely to expand in the near future.