How to Promote Your Tattoo Shop for Fall, Winter, and Holiday Deal Ideas

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As the year gets colder, it can sometimes be difficult to get customers through your door for new tattoos or piercing. People aren’t showing off as much skin as they would during bikini season.

Fall and winter however, are great seasons to promote your shop toward the holiday season and gift shoppers. There are multiple holidays and times when you can promote your shop, the same way that a store promotes their merchandise.

Below is a great list of potential promotions for cold weather months to bring customers through your door!

Gift Certificates & Merchandise

Every shop should have some merchandise, like a bumper sticker, tee shirt, or hoodie. These can be great gift ideas for eager shoppers. I would also suggest keeping wrapping paper or gift bags handy during the holiday season. Share these offers on your social media and website well before shopping season, which can be as early as October.

Gift Certificates are also a must have for the shopping season, and can also be handy year round for birthdays and life events. You can even create your own custom cards to hold gift certificates with some flash images.

Seasonal Promotions

1) Halloween

Halloween can be a big holiday for tattoos. It’s a way to permanently dress-up. Make some custom flash for Halloween, and offer a reduced price or do each for your shop minimum. Halloween tattoo specials should probably run the week before Halloween. Some flash images can include:

– Bats

– Wolfs

– Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns

– Night Scenes and Spooky Trees

– Vampire Teeth

– Cat Eyes and Black Cats

2) Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, and giving! This is a great holiday that can get you involved in your community. A great promotion idea for Thanksgiving is a food or coat donation. Food donations are usually the most popular around Thanksgiving, so that locals can get a great meal that they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Offer a discount to your customers that bring a food donation for your local food bank. Discounts can be a dollar or percent amount. Check with your local food bank to find out when you should have donations to them in time for Thanksgiving.

You can also add some seasonal tattoo flash for a discounted price as well, such as cookies, pumpkins, pumpkin pie, and turkeys.

3) Christmas (December)

Christmas and other December holidays are most likely going to be the biggest times for gift certificates and merchandise. You can also offer a discount when you buy a gift certificate for someone else.

4) New Years

New Years is often a huge party holiday. You can get involved with your community by sponsoring, or hosting a local New Years Eve party. You can open your shop earlier in the day and offer discounted New Years Flash, followed by an after-party in the evening.

Sponsoring a local party will also help get your name out there. Be sure to attend your sponsored event. This can also be a great location to hand out your cards, and possibly do some custom temporary paint tattoos for the New Years party you are sponsoring.

5) Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is one of the more romantic times, but it can also be slow because it’s still pretty cold outside in most areas. This is another holiday that you can take advantage of holiday flash and discounted prices.

Some promotions could include 25% off all heart and dedication tattoos. It can also be a very reduced price for pre-made flash. Make a flash with hearts and banners, and offer them for $40 each on Valentine’s Day only.

If you would like a custom marketing plan for the cold season, contact me.